About this theme

As the default theme in Ghost, Casper is the easiest way to get started publishing content. In addition to being fully responsive and styled, it comes with a few optional bells and whistles that are explained below.

Publication cover

The default homepage of Casper is displayed with a beautiful gradient image. This image can be replaced by uploading a custom Publication cover found at Settings > Design > Brand.

Color scheme

Casper can be displayed in either light or dark mode.

  • Light (default) - Light background color with dark text.
  • Dark - Dark background color with light text.

Feed layout

Casper provides three layouts for the post feed on the homepage. The feed layout can be set at Settings > Design > Homepage.

Classic (default)

If your latest post has a feature image, it will be highlighted in a larger format at the top of the feed. The next two posts will be 2-column and all following posts will be displayed in a 3-column grid.

Classic layout


All posts will be displayed in a 3-column grid. Also if your post feature images have different aspect ratios, this layout will be a great fit to show those differences.

Grid layout


Each post will be displayed on its own row in a list style.

List layout